What Does “to Run a Tight Ship” Mean?

run a tight ship meaning

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To run a tight ship means to closely manage a company or a department and its employees and to have firm control over them; it usually suggests discipline and professionalism are both offered and required from an employee. If you stumbled upon this expression during an interview, you might be in for a promising career in the field!

Origins of the “Run a Tight Ship” Saying

The expression is the modern from of the taut ship saying with the same meaning. The word taut presumably comes from Old English and means kept in good order, efficient, concise, or flexed.

Using “Run a Tight Ship” in a Sentence

“Jim sure runs a tight ship down at the warehouse, that place is always stocked and neat!”

“Mark tried to challenge the boss on whether running a tight ship is the best business practice or not. He lost by a long shot, honestly.”

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