What is Tunnel Vision?

what is tunnel vision

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In the medical field, tunnel vision is a condition characterized by the loss of visual acuity in the peripheral field. It is usually due to damage to the retina, optic nerve, or brain, but can also be caused by other conditions such as glaucoma. Nevertheless, in an office setting that has no serious connections to the healthcare industries, the expression ?tunnel vision? completely changes its meaning.

What is Tunnel Vision in an Office Setting?

When it comes to?common language, tunnel vision means a restricted view on a certain matter. People with this type of tunnel vision tend to limit their goals or focus on a single point of view, rather than looking at the big picture.

Tunnel Vision Synonyms & Similar Expressions

  • Blind spot.
  • Narrowmindedness.
  • Obsession.
  • Shortsightedness.
  • Constricted vision.

Tunnel Vision in a Sentence

?Like most parents, Jim and Ange have tunnel vision when it comes to their daughter and cannot accept the fact that she can be vicious at times.?

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