What Does ?Put on the Back Burner? Mean?

front and back burners

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To put something on the back burner means to postpone doing or discussing something, most of the times because it?s not a priority or time-sensitive. The expression is often used in office settings, hence the reason it might sneak into non-technical IT interview questions. However, this saying is inspired from cooking and was first heard in the ?40s.

?Put on the Back Burner? Origins & Meaning

The expression comes from a cook?s habit to place the pots that do not require constant supervision or immediate attention on the back burners of the stove. When not used in a kitchen, however, it implies postponing, not canceling a plan, meeting, or discussion.

?Put on the Back Burner? Synonyms & Similar Expressions

  • Postpone;
  • Extend;
  • Delay;
  • Put on hold;
  • Put aside;
  • Take a rain check.

?Put on the Back Burner? in a Sentence

?Let?s put the expense reports on the back burner until this whole server this is fixed.?
?The Council put the plans to build a park in my area on the back burner.?

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