What Does ?Tip of the Iceberg? Mean?

cone shaped iceberg

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The expression ?tip of the iceberg? refers to an event that is part of a bigger, more complex, and sometimes darker one. It was first used in 1969, 57 years after the tragic sinking of the British passenger liner RMS Titanic; therefore, some believe it was inspired by this event. But the iceberg itself can be the origin as well.

?Tip of the Iceberg? Meaning & Origin

Only 9% of an iceberg, also known as an ice mountain, is above?the surface and there are many real-life events that can bear comparison. Nevertheless, the disastrous sinking of Titanic and many other ships might have highlighted this fact and brought the expression into common language.

Phrases Similar to ?Tip of the Iceberg? & Synonyms

  • ?just the beginning of?
  • ?leading edge?
  • ?doesn?t even scratch the surface?

?Tip of the Iceberg? in a Sentence

?High prices? That is only the tip of the iceberg; they are also selling used cars as new!?

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