What?s a Brain Fart?

brain fart illustration

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The term ?brain fart? is used to describe the condition when the mind simply skips tasks or completes them incorrectly mostly because of lack of focus or working on autopilot. The phrase can also refer to a moment of forgetfulness or to an idea that was voiced out without too much consideration.

From a medical perspective, brain farts seem to be rooted in the neural patterns that take shape when we are performing repetitive or brainless activities. Interestingly, these patterns can emerge up to 30 seconds before the brain fart; and even more interestingly, they disappear as soon as we observe our mistake, like a reset of our brain activity which ?recalibrates? the regions in our brain behaving abnormally.

Using ?Brain Fart? In a Sentence

brain fart illustration

Here?s an example of how to use ?brain fart? in a dialogue:

Linda: ?Hey Susan, why is the soap in the fridge??
Susan: ?Sorry, Lin, must have been a brain fart!?”
or “Can you help me spell out Lucy’s last name? I’m having the worst brain fart and for some reason completely forgot”.

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