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IT Interview Guide was created to provide aspiring or seasoned programmers the accurate and updated information they need to ace a technical interview. The main purpose of this website is to address a wide array of issues, ranging from information related to job applications to interview etiquette and the latest news about the best companies you can work for at the moment.

IT Interview Guide will provide you all the necessary tips and tricks you need to get your dream job, whether you are passionate about HTML, C++, Javascript or SQL. Read all about puzzling Excel problems or Operating System interview questions and you will be ready to impress your potential employers. IT interview Guide aims to become a large community where everyone freely shares their experiences.

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  • Thorough guidelines for submitting an application and polishing a resume.
  • Lists of frequently asked interview questions and hand-picked suggestions for answering them in a clever manner.
  • Detailed information about job prerequisites and offer: needed experience, required abilities, average salary, and benefits package.
  • Carefully selected interview tips that apply to the IT niche.

The dedicated team behind IT Interview Guide aims to make the entire job hunting process smoother for you. Take the time to peruse all our categories and you will find all the answers to your questions, be them technical or non-technical. Stay up to speed with the requirements of the industry?s behemoths and find out what it truly takes to get a job at Google, Apple, Oracle, Adobe or Accenture.

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