What Does ?See Eye to Eye? Mean?

what does see eye to eye mean

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What does see eye to eye mean? To see eye to eye about something/someone with someone means to concur, to strike a bargain on, to agree on something. Of course, this idiom can also be used to note that someone has finally reached an agreement with someone after a long discussion/fight. In this article, we?re going to go through the origins of this expression, its most common synonyms, and how to use the ?see eye to eye? idiom in a sentence with a few examples.

Origins of the ?See Eye to Eye? Idiom

Although most idioms in the English language are new, the ?see eye to eye? idiom comes from ancient times and is featured in the Bible:

?The voice of your watchmen?they lift up their voice; together they sing for joy; for eye to eye they see the return of the LORD to Zion.? Isaiah 52:8

Synonyms & Similar Expressions

  • Agree with someone
  • Accept
  • Approve
  • Work (something) out
  • Strike a bargain on
  • Shake hands on
  • Be in sympathy
  • Be of the same mind/opinion

Using the ?Eye to Eye? Idiom in Sentences

“It seems to me like Jude and Sue see eye to eye on most things and would make a great couple.”

“My coworkers and I see eye to eye when it comes to business practices and communication, and I think that?s crucial in a work environment.”

“In those short moments, me and Jim saw eye to eye about the upcoming situation and, without even talking about it, immediately ran to her help.”


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