What Does ?Touch Base with You? Mean?

touch base with you meaning

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To touch base with you means to get in contact (or in touch) with you. This expression usually refers to a brief conversation in which you discuss the progress of a project, new findings, or your opinion on a certain matter. The expression is believed to come from baseball, where players need to touch all the four bases on the field to score a run.

How to Use ?Touch Base with You? in a Sentence

Touch Base or Touch Bases

Although some choose to use the plural form of this expression (?touch bases?), current grammar rules do not support this variation. And if we think about the origins of this expression, baseball, it makes sense to only use it in singular form since the actual bases in baseball never touch each other.

Touch Base Synonyms

If we look at the?touch base meaning, the following synonyms are the closest to what the expression means:

  • To communicate
  • To contact
  • Get in touch
  • Have a chat
  • Follow up

Examples of “Touch Base with You” in a Sentence

?Hey Jim, I just want to touch base with you on that team building we were talking about a few months ago.?

“Hi Jenny, did you manage to touch base with Andrew regarding that new project you were thinking about? He would be a great fit and I’m sure he’s interested!”

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