15 Non Technical Interview Questions and Answers

girl interviewing for it job

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Most people miss the chance of their lifetime in interviews due to failure to fulfill the expectations of the nontechnical questions interview. You may be a true professional, a serious developer, programmer or have developed some of the greatest algorithms ever. However, most of the times interviewers look for tiny things that are non-technical in nature from a candidate. These may include your communication skills and your relation with people. Thus, we have compiled 15 of the top non technical interview questions and answers to help you secure the job in your dream company.

girl interviewing for it job

Question 1: Tell us about yourself.

It is one of the most common non technical interview questions you will always find in every interview room you walk into. Therefore you have to prepare for it adequately.
When answering the question you need to compose yourself. Start off with the current things you are working on besides the job you are looking for. Go ahead and share about a particular accomplishment, probably in the previous job. Then you can terminate with your goals and the things you want to help the company in question accomplish if you get the job. Make the information exhaustive as possible leaving no room for the ?what else? question.

Question 2: What knowledge do you have on our company?

This question usually draws whether you spent some time to research about the company, the goals and what it does. It brings out your true interest in the enterprise. Make sure you do your homework to discover as much as possible about the company. This may range from their most recent news to their greatest achievements. Knowing the mission and vision of the company are the little details we don?t have to remind you to know.

Question 3: Why should we consider you for this job?

This question is tricky because the interviewer already knows the answer based on your resume. It is, however, the greatest opportunity to sell yourself. Make sure to explore all your talents and skills on the job at hand, only making sure that all the things you say are backed up in the resume.

Question 4: What do you want to do when you join us?

You can respond to that question in this manner:
I would like to develop a niche for myself. I have put a lot of dedication and enthusiasm in watching my ability and skills grow. Therefore, I would like to transfer this hard-earned knowledge to help discover new horizons for this company at the same time building my reputation. I would like to assume the goals of your business as mine and efficiently play my part. I believe it will be an opportunity for me to grow as well.

Question 5: Why have you chosen this job particularly over the rest?

Usually, most people apply for jobs based on the money it attracts. Of course, we have bills to pay, but this is one thing your employer-to-be should not know.
To answer this question, explain that you have had a passion for the job for a while. You can continue that getting the job would enthrall you big time as it puts you a step closer to realizing your goals.

Question 6: Have you worked elsewhere before applying for this job?

It can be a rather annoying issue if you are just fresh from the campus or college. If you had any prior work, mention your experience and the achievements you made in your former role. If not, convince the interviewer that despite having little experience, you can adapt in the shortest time and live up to their expectations. Although many are afraid of this question, it’s one of the least troublesome non technical interview questions.

Question 7: What?salary do you expect?

This question is very intriguing and usually asked at a much later stage. It is important to be wise on this one. Make sure your demands aren?t outrageous for the position. It is important to find out prior what the company pays other employees in a similar rank. You can then match it to your goals.
The perfect answer to this question should not be too low or too high. But it should be preferably a bit on the upper side following what is paid. Note that it is not the time to negotiate since you haven?t secured the job yet.

Question 8: Where do you aspire to be in five years in your career path?

This question demands you to be as realistic as possible. On the contrary, the company would want to employ someone with no clear picture of their future. You can answer something as simple as expecting a promotion or having your starter entrepreneurship business. However, the latter may also scare off some organizations regarding competition. They may also predict you abandoning them after a short time. Therefore, your safest bet is the rising through ranks idea.

Question 9: In your previous job, was there a case of a serious conflict? How was it worked out?

In this case, you have to look at the both sides of the story. You may not take sides but rather outline what you learned from the conflict. Speaking ill of your previous boss even if they were clearly wrong is not what?they want to hear at this point. This is one of the trickiest non technical interview questions there is.

Question 10: What experience did you gather from your previous position?

Even though we’re talking about non technical interview questions, you can mention some technical details naturally. Besides that, add some non-technical skills. You can answer like:
I learned how to relate with people and some great teamwork skills. You can mention a few.

Question 11: What is the reason for your departure in your past position?

The question is meant to look for a conviction of character. Make sure to provide a concrete answer geared towards seeking new challenges. Be very specific on your challenges without bashing your previous position.

Question 12: What is your dream job?

This is one major trap you should never fall into. Refrain from mentioning any particular job, more so the one for which you?re being interviewed.
Answer with aspects of your dream job that slightly match that of the job you are seeking.

Question 13: What future trends do you see in this company?

To answer this question adequately, read blogs on the particular positions you are applying for. Go for obvious trends that may be embraced. You may also give a brief suggestion based on the blogs you read.

Question 14: If you have had the chance to learn about us, what would you change in our company?

Most companies wouldn?t want you to join them just to shake things up. In addition to that, don?t assume that everything is perfect. Mention one or two non-threatening issues that could have been outlined in the discussion.

Question 15: What are your weaknesses?

When answering this question, never confess your problems. It is also not wise to say you have none. You can mention something outside of the job but also say that you are working towards solving it. You may say something like, ?I?m a workaholic.?

Make sure to go through these non technical interview questions thoroughly to be well informed. Study the techniques used in solving them which you will use to ace your interview. Share your views and thoughts with us. You can also share these techniques with your friends who have upcoming interviews.

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