Top 15 AngularJS Interview Questions You Should Keep In Mind

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If you are checking out this guide, then odds are you have an interview for a job where you need to know about AngularJS. Scoring the interview was the first hurdle that you had to get over. Now that you?re almost there, those pre-interview nerves are probably setting in. You aren?t alone if nerves are overshadowing your excitement. When the job matters, this is natural. The more important it is to you, the more likely you are to worry about it.

We put together this guide because we know that those pre-interview nerves can get the most of you. When an interviewee is ill-prepared, it shows. Even if you have all of the information and are the best fit for the job, the employer might overlook you if you lack confidence. It?s hard to prove what you know when you?re preoccupied with nervousness. This leads to misspeaking and blanking on information that you should have known.

We compiled the most common AngularJS interview questions. Of course, you should keep in mind that the questions might have a different wording. Additionally, they may not ask every question or may ask you other questions entirely. The point is to have a solid foundation and confidence before you walk in the door.

What Is AngularJS?

First, let?s talk about AngularJS. If you are here, you probably already know quite a bit about it. However, if you?re simply looking for more information on AngularJS, you won?t be disappointed either.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. The point of Angularjs interview questions is to be simple and easy for developers to use. With it, you can build dynamic, single page web apps. Not only is it an advanced technology, but also, most developers use it. The knowledge of AngularJS can help you score a variety of different jobs. You may be able to find freelance jobs using AngularJS.

If you?re looking for a job as a developer or if you want a job writing script, then odds are the interviewer is going to ask you some AngularJS questions.

Is There a Need to Prepare For the Interview?

You already know AngularJS, so why do you need additional preparation? If you have ever interviewed for a company before, then you know how easy it is to blank on essential information. Some people get so worked up and nervous that they might forget the simplest answers.

This is why we say that you should prepare all of your answers in advance of the interview so that you do not have to worry about a question surprising you.

The questions that you can prepare for could be as simple as why you want the job or what experience you have. These are easy questions, and yet, interviewees still stumble over them during an interview.

If these inquiries cause trouble, just imagine what the technical questions can result in. No matter how much you know about AngularJS, it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge and have some idea of what the interviewer might ask you on that day.

Normally, when an interview starts, your potential boss is going to cover basic concepts. As you progress through the interview, he or she may continue to discuss those concepts further. This means that you may have to go into technical details.

When an interviewee goes into an interview prepared, the potential employer tends to notice quickly. The interviewees who prepare are typically less nervous, more confident and can answer the questions fully and precisely without any interruptions.

Top 15 AngularJS Interview Questions

1. Can You Explain Angular JS Simply?

It is a JavaScript framework. It is a more concise framework, where you write less code to perform the same tasks. Developers use it to help them construct dynamic web pages. In addition, it is open-sourced.

2. Is AngularJS Compatible With Every Browser?

Yes! It doesn?t matter if you are using Chrome, Edge, Firefox or any other browser.

3. Can You List the Features That Angular JS Includes?

When it comes to features, here are some of the main features to look for:

  • Two-way data binding
  • Templates
  • Model
  • checkThe View Model
  • checkDependency Injection
  • checkDirectives
  • Data Binding
  • The Controller
  • Testability
  • checkScope
  • checkThe ViewInjection
  • checkFilters

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4. Can You Explain Data Binding?

Data binding is simply the synchronization of data between the model and view components. It is automatic, allowing you to use the model as the single-source-of-truth in the application. This means that if the model changes, the view reflects it.

You can perform data binding in one of two ways. You can data mine in classical template systems or in angular templates.

5. What Are AngularJS Controllers?

AngularJS Controllers are there to give logic and data to HTML UI, using JavaScript functions. They control the way that the data flows from the server to HTML UI.

6. Can You List the Directives and Explain Their Purpose?

Users need directives to invent new HTML syntax. They execute when the angular compiler finds them. Here are a few of the different directive types:

  • Element
  • Comment
  • Attribute
  • checkCSS class

7. What Are the Directives in AngularJS?

There are three core directives. They are as follows:

  • Ng-app
  • Ng-model
  • Ng-bind

Ng-app allows the user to link an AngularJS application to HTML. The ng-model binds the data to HTML input controls. Lastly, ng-bind attaches the data to the HTML tags.

8. How Do Developers Use Directives?

There are several ways to use a directive. Experiment with it as a class name, attribute or an element. In order to define the way you’ll use the directive, you will have to use a restrict option. There are three options when using it, and they are as follows: A, C, and E.

A will match attribute name, C will match class name and E will match element name.

9. Can You Define Scope in Relation to AngularJS?

Scope is a JavaScript object. It helps join the controller with the views. You use the controller to set properties on the scope, and the view binds to them.

10. Can You Discuss the Scope Hierarchy?

As far as scope hierarchy is concerned, each AngularJS application has one root scope. Child controllers create a scope for each view. When this happens, the new scope is added to the parent root scope as a child scope.

11. What Is E2E Testing?

E2E is where you test an application. You start at the beginning and test until the end of the application to figure out how well the components are working (if they are working). If you?re worried about integration, it will catch those issues, along with problems with flow.

12. How Can You Decrease Digest Cycle Time?

If you want to decrease the digest cycle time, then all you have to do is decrease the number of watchers. You can use this by working in batches, caching DOM, removing unnecessary watchers, use one-time Angular binding or by using a web worker.

13. Do You Know How to Define a Single Page Application?

Often, when you have pages, you load them from a server. You do this using post backs, but not with Angular JS. Instead, you develop a single page known as a single shell page. This is your master page that you can then load your pages into.

14. What Is Link Function?

A user can use link function to combine directives with a scope. In doing this, he or she can produce a live view. The link function registers DOM listeners and manipulates DOM.

15. What Benefits Does AngularJS Offer Programmers?

When using AngularJS, the user doesn?t have to register callbacks manually or tediously write DOM manipulation. These tasks tend to take up a lot of time, and a developer might shave off months of time through Angularjs interview questions.

The code is modular, and developers have an easier time testing it.

Users can have two-way binding, where any changes made to data can be seen automatically.

It has a desktop experience for the user.

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Conclusion: Brush Up Your Knowledge in Advance

You already know that you have the skills and knowledge that you need for the job. The interview is your time to prove it. While most people get nervous when the interviewer asks questions, you have more of a chance of meeting it with confidence if you have some roadmap of what to study and an idea of how you would answer the questions. Naturally, there might be questions that were not on the list. Likewise, there may be some questions mentioned here that will not be in your interview. The point is to have a foundation of what kinds of questions they might ask so that you can prepare for as many questions as possible.

Once you can confidently answer some questions, you will feel more self-assured with the rest also. This sets up a good basis for a pleasant interview where you can prove that you?ll be a benefit to their company. If you already know AngularJS well, then these answers will be a review for you. If you go into the interview, fully aware of what you plan to talk about, then none of the questions should catch you off guard.

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