What is a Hack?

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A hack can often be described in different ways by developers and programmers. In an interview for a job related to coding, it is easy to be blindsided?by some seemingly easy questions like ?what is a hack?.?We have outlined a short answer that looks at the matter from multiple perspectives.

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Hack Definition

The definition of a hack is usually based on the intended purpose of the action. On lighter terms, a hack refers to a solution to some problem which is not necessarily the best for a programming problem but suffices as a solution. It involves the use of an individual code construct in a way other than the intended to find a solution to your problem. Mostly, they offer temporary solutions?while developing the permanent one.

However, for the non-coders, a hack usually means a security breach. In this case, superior coding techniques are used to break into computer systems with malicious intent. This definition may not be accurate, though, since today’s white hat hackers use the same codes for the greater good of the society.

What is Hacking?

With the quick business growth we can see around us also came the need of a digital record-keeping system?or a database. Nevertheless, people have found ways to tap into this information through points of weaknesses posing a security threat to these organizations. Some of the most common hacking cases involve passing the login algorithm to gain unauthorized access to a system.

Types of Hackers

With regards to what is hacking, you also need to know the different types of hackers.

White Hat Hackers

The first type of hacker is the white hat hacker or an ethical hacker. He generally handles gaining access to a system to fix a point of weakness. This is done through penetration testing and assessments of the level of vulnerability.

Black Hat Hackers

Next, we have the black hat hackers, also known as crackers. They gain access to systems for personal gain. They usually leak corporate data and even transfer funds from bank accounts.

Gray Hat Hackers

The gray hat hackers fall between the ethical hackers and crackers. They are usually in charge of identifying weaknesses in an organization system and submitting the information to the owner.

Special Mention: the Script Kiddies

There is another group of people called the script kiddies who accesses private computer files via ready-made tools. Hacktivists send strong social, political and religious messages. Some of their ordinary activities involve hijacking of websites and leaving their message on it. To perform a successful hack, one needs robust programming skills and plenty of computer resources. In most cases, secure firewalls often protect the systems, depending on the sensitivity of the data.

After reading this article on what is a hack, you will have garnered enough information to briefly answer any interview question relating to the topic. The interview questions will come in different forms, therefore, keep an open mind. You can share your thoughts on what is a hack in the comment section below.

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