What is a Soft Launch?

soft launch meaning

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A soft launch or a soft opening is a limited release of a product (or service). Most of the time, the term refers to launching the new product to a limited group of people, usually selected after well-defined criteria. Soft launches are used by companies all over the world to gain knowledge on their target audience and their users? behavior. Nevertheless, soft launches can also be used to test the functionality and effectiveness of the new product or service.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Soft Launch in IT

The fact that a limited number of customers can test the product and offer feedback so you can improve your product or service is one of the biggest advantages of soft launches. Of course, on the other hand, soft launches still require a certain investment which might increase the overall costs. In addition, the analytics of your product can be very off from your expectations and from reality if the target audience of a soft launch is not chosen wisely.

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