The Top 10 Oracle Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

a woman going through oracle interview questions being asked by a panel

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a woman going through oracle interview questions being asked by a panel.

When a new graduate is considering where to work, Oracle often appears near the top of the list.

There are very good reasons to admire Oracle. The company frequently ranks near the top of the ?World?s Most Valuable Brands,? lists. It was on a most recent ?Best Employers for New Grads? list. It?s no wonder Oracle is one of the hottest, most desirable companies for skilled employees.

But, as many graduates and job seekers quickly find out, getting a job at Oracle isn?t as easy as writing a great resume. Oracle is not only known as a great place to work, it also has some of the toughest, most stress-inducing interview questions in the industry.

Not to worry. We?ll dig into some of the questions Oracle uses to find the best candidates and show how you can successfully answer them. We?ll also look at some of the reasons why Oracle is such a great place to work.

Let?s get started!

Why People Love to Work for Oracle

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People love to work for a successful company.

With more than ?30 U.S. locations?, Oracle continues to grow. The company maintains locations in places like South America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. A global presence is a benefit to potential employees hoping to build a career before settling in the ideal retirement spot.

Add to that a benefits package that even the employees rave about in online forums. Many note the great health insurance and work-life balance. This is thanks to paid holidays and vacation, and a flexible sick-leave policy and work schedule.?Oracle also offers autism health benefits, 24/7 mobile health consultations, and discounts for child care, auto, and home insurance. Its commuter benefit program lets employees use their pretax money to pay for public transportation or parking expenses.

You?ll also be amazed by the onsite amenities at Oracle. This includes cafes, fitness centers, dry cleaning, car detailing, oil changes, free beverages, mobile medical units, and more. Other benefits include discounts on entertainment, travel, events, and electronics. You can see why many will drool at the chance to work at Oracle.

But how do you get your foot in the door? We?ve reviewed the top Oracle interview questions and have plenty of tips on how to ace that meeting and land your perfect job.

General Oracle Interview Questions

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Every interview is different, but most can be broken down into ??two parts The general questions and the position-specific questions that test your skills. Keep in mind, Oracle has many locations and departments. Not every group will follow the exact same process or use the same Oracle interview questions.

Below are a few general interview questions that past and present employees noted in onli??ne forums:

  • Leadership-Based Questions: Managers want to know if you will lead to solve problems or just wait for instructions. Many questions are designed to determine your comfort level with leadership. They might ask about your proudest life accomplishment or what experience you want from the job. Another common question focuses on interacting with management. Would you speak up in a meeting if you knew the team lead was wrong?
  • Problem-Solving Questions: No matter what role you take, managers want to know you can solve problems. Interviewers may ask about a time that you had an office conflict and how you fixed it. They may ask how you handled a project if you knew you were going to miss a deadline. Another common question covered a potential system crash that erased all your work. How would you handle the situation if the work was due the next morning?
  • Corporate-Culture Questions: Companies always want to know how much you know about them, and how you will fit within the existing culture. Questions in this area may cover your favorite Oracle technology or facts about the history of Oracle. Another line of questions might cover how you feel about working overtime. They may ask why you want to work for Oracle, or what first interested you in the company.

No matter what job you apply for, you can expect a few general questions. The best way to prepare for these questions is to sketch out your answers beforehand. Do a little research into Oracle and have a few key facts ready before the interview

Technical Oracle Interview Questions

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The next set of Oracle interview questions will test your technical knowledge. The company wants to know the skillset you are bringing to the job. The interviewer wants to know if you can not only answer the question, but also how comfortable you are providing answers.

Keep in mind, there is no perfect way to prepare for every possible question. There isn?t a magic book that can provide every answer but reviewing the notes below will give you a leg up on the competition.

  • Java, C Languages, and Object-Oriented Programming SkillsDepending on the position you are applying for, you should understand the technical and programming languages required for the job.Looking over questions in the past, one basic Java skill question focused on converting a string into an integer. Another C language question focused on the difference between strcpy () and strncpy (). The interviewer may also ask about the benefits of object-oriented programming.
  • Binary Search Trees and Implementing Dynamic Sets Knowledge of basic coding and programming concepts is important for anyone interviewing with Oracle.Make sure you have a solid understanding of dynamic sets. Another question that came up asked how to find the second biggest element in a binary search tree.
  • Identify Sections or Writing Codes Problem-solving and coding concepts are also important at Oracle. You may be asked questions regarding the thread safe regions in a piece of code. You may also be asked to write code during the interview. One interviewee had to reverse a string recursively as a test during the interview.
  • Testing Your Knowledge about Specific Features Depending on the position, you may be asked very specific questions about your potential responsibility with Oracle. For example, one interviewer wanted to know how the specific data structure of HashMap works in Java. You may be asked to explain the benefits of multithreading, or to discuss how and when multithreading might be useful.
  • Data Structures Keep in mind, Oracle at its core is a tech company with a lot of background in data. In general, it?s best to understand data structures in SQL and prepare for interview questions about data structures.
  • Oracle-Focused Questions In some ways, Oracle is a little different than other database management systems.Take the time to understand the Oracle system. You should know Oracle was developed in C language. You should understand nested tables and know how to represent comments in Oracle. A basic understanding of Oracle itself will help during the interview.
  • Queries in Oracle An important skill for any Oracle user is accessing information from the system.You should be able to explain a subquery and understand the different types of subqueries. For example, be prepared to explain the difference between a correlated subquery and a non-correlated subquery.

A Final Word About Oracle Interview Questions

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Acing the Oracle interview is a critical step toward future career success.

While interviews are highly competitive, you can get a leg up on the competition. Interview success comes down to a positive attitude, preparation, and experience.

Start your preparation for Oracle by listing out the potential questions you think might be covered in the interview. Look over the job description and see what questions you can ask from them. Sketch out answers to those questions. Do research if you need to and get a few key facts ready for the interview. Study up on topics that you might not feel confident in.

Interviews can be stressful ? they?re meant to be. With a little prep work and preparation, you can succeed.

Don?t let stress and worry torpedo your chances for a fantastic job. Relax and get plenty of rest the night before. As difficult as it might be, try to sit back and enjoy the meeting. You should take the interview as an opportunity to see if Oracle is the right fit for you, just as much as you are for them.

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