What are HTML5 Polyfills? – The Main Facts About Polyfills

html5 polyfills

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During your IT interview, you may be asked to talk about HTML5 polyfills. Let us tell you the main facts about them so that you can provide a complete answer on your job meeting. Take a look!

What Is a Polyfill?

A polyfill is an essential piece of code that enables a modern web browser to perform various tasks that the users expect to be completed naturally. They may also be integrated into older browsers to provide them with an instant upgrade. A polyfill will enable an older browser to perform certain tasks that are specific to newer versions. As you can imagine, HTML5 polyfills can prove to be extremely useful.

Are HTML5 Polyfills Limited to Old Browsers?

The answer to this one is a hard no. HTML5 polyfills are extremely versatile and they can be used to complete any type of browser. They can be integrated into old browsers to provide them with modern features. But they can also be integrated into new browsers that may not include all the features in the HTML5 standard. Think of HTML5 polyfills as a general upgrading tool for web browsers.

Are HTML5 Polyfills Part of the HTML5 Standard?

Again, the answer to this commonly asked question is a hard no. Polyfills are not included in the HTML5 Standard code. In fact, the term ?polyfill? itself is very informal. It is used to describe a piece of code that can enable web browsers to perform certain features.

Are Polyfills Limited to HTML5?

This is yet another commonly asked IT interview question. The answer is no; polyfills may be compatible with HTML5, but they are not restricted to it. While they are commonly associated with HTML5, they can also be used to provide CSS features for web browsers.

Where Does the Term Polyfill Come from?

html5 polyfillsAs we have mentioned above, the term ?polyfill? is an informal IT term. It was derived from the technical term of the same name, which describes a special material used in construction to fill a wide variety of holes and cracks in walls.html5 polyfills

The analogy was meant to describe the web browser as the wall that has some minor holes and cracks that need to be fixed quickly and efficiently. Thus, the polyfill is an easy fix for minor glitches that may come up in web browsers.

We hope that the information we have provided on HTML5 polyfills will prove useful to you for your interview. Good luck from the IT Interview Team!

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