How Does Google Face Recognition Work?

How Does Google Face Recognition Work?

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Technology is growing by the day with breathtaking advances in Artificial Intelligence. That has seen the rise of essential security technologies such as the facial recognition. This article provides you with a lot of information on how Google facial recognition works. It can help you in an interview as it is one of the random questions asked by interviewers.

How Google Face Recognition Works

Computers do not visualize photos like humans do. They perceive images, in this case, faces as patterns of color and shapes making up a digital image. The process is referred to as facial detection or facial recognition. Google uses this process to protect the clients? privacy on applications such as the Street View. The Google+ social website uses a very similar technology to suggest to the users to tag a photo by recognizing the presence of a face in the image.

Currently, facial detection cannot inform you who the particular person in the photograph is, but it can match it to similar images in a database or the web. Google facial recognition can capture intricate details of the face under analysis like beards or glasses. These attributes help the facial detection software to identify one face from another. Google software uses the same technology to support features such as red-eye reduction. It allows mobile users also to enhance the features of their images such as adding a mustache or monocle appropriately when using the hangouts.

In the Google face recognition technology, each face has a pattern signature unique for every user to an accuracy of about 60 percent. The little percentage miss can be as a result of a change in facial expressions in different images, the lighting of various images among many other factors. However, that is much more deeply involved and advanced in security systems.

Google also uses the facial recognition to compare known faces against newly added ones to find out any probable match. The Find My Face feature is one of the services that significantly use this feature.

The Technology behind Google Face Recognition

Facial recognition has been around since the 1960s and has become even more sophisticated today. The invention of 3D has enhanced the process of face capturing with shape into consideration. It has allowed computers to identify critical features on the surface of the face such as the contour or depth of the eye sockets, nose protrusion, and the chin. Advanced cases require sophisticated algorithms such as the surface texture or the skin texture analysis. The latter transforms the contours, patterns, and spots (unique for every face) into mathematical space. Then, it computes this mathematical space back into a face.

There has also been the introduction of thermal cameras that go as far as outlining the shape of the head while disregarding exterior features such as glass or mustaches.

Therefore, how Google face recognition works is of great importance if you are looking for a web related job. Acquaint yourself with the information on this article to help pass your interview. Also, share your thoughts on the Google facial recognition feature.

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