Is Donald Trump Republican or Democrat?

donalds trump

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In this article, we are aimed at giving you sufficient information on how to answer questions about Donald Trump’s republican and/or democrat affiliations in an interview scenario. Such random questions can often catch you off-guard?since few would think to prepare for an IT interview by looking over political facts – and that’s exactly why you should.

donalds trump

Donald Trump: Republican or Democrat?

Donald John Trump, the president of the United States as of January 20th, 2017, has been a Republican political party affiliate since 2012. However, he has had ties with the Democrat Party, as well. Donald Trump was once a Democrat and later switched to Republican Party. He has worked with both parties (Democratic Party and Republican Party), providing donations to both sides.

That is the most straight forward answer you can give the interviewer. But it is also important to touch a little bit on his career and role in politics.

Donald Trump as a Republican

Donald Trump?s election as the United States? forty-fifth president has been one of the most talked-about political events in the history of US. The Republican once held a two-term governor position for the state of California. Despite the threats his campaign encountered, Trump garnered more Electoral College votes that any other Republican since Bush?s reign in 1988.

Donald Trump as a Democrat

It?s also important to note that Donald Trump has had affiliations with the Democrat party. According to?the Smoking Gun, he registered as a member of the Democratic Party in 2001. He later switched sides in 2009 to the Republican Party, as confirmed by the same source.

However, after a two-year membership to the Republican Party, he left again marking a box which indicated that he did not wish to enroll in a party. In April 2012 he re-joined the GOP as reported by the Smoking Gun.

Notably, he offered financial aid to John McCain and George W. Bush who belong to the Republican parties. On the other hand, he also donated some money to Ted Kennedy and John Kerry who are associates of the Democratic Party.

Therefore, you can answer the Donald Trump Republican or Democrat question with a simple YES. But after reading this discussion, you should give a more elaborate answer to this question.

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