What are CSS Sprites and What Are They Used for?

CSS Sprites

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During you IT interview, you may be asked about CSS sprites. Let us tell you the main things you should know about these to provide a complete answer and make a good impression. Take a look!

CSS Sprite with cloud imagesWhat are CSS Sprites?

CSS Sprites are a special type of image that combines smaller images into a single larger image. It is a two-dimensional image that may be used that could prove to be very useful when used on a web page.

What are CSS Sprites Used for?

The main use of CSS sprites is to speed up the loading time of a website. By combining the smaller images into one larger image, the web page can load faster, which is an extremely important feature of a good-quality website.

How do CSS Sprites Work?

CSS sprites reduce the loading time of the web page by reducing the number of HTTP requests that must be performed to load the page completely. In plain English, it will take a web page much longer to load more images, such as bullets, icons, or simple images, than it will to load one CSS image sprite.

What You Need to Remember: By reducing the number of HTTP requests on a page, the loading time of the web page can be reduced significantly.

CSS Sprites

Advantages of CSS Image Sprites

  • CSS Image Sprites can be used to create a single image file that features all the images on the web page laid out in one grid.
  • CSS Image Sprites reduce the loading time of a web page.
  • CSS Image Sprites provide an innovative look to the web page.

Disadvantages of CSS Image Sprites

  • Using CSS Image Sprites is considerably more lucrative than simply uploading each image on the web page separately.
  • The design of the CSS Image Sprite may not be compatible with the layout of the web page.

How Are CSS Sprites Created?

CSS Image Sprites can be created by using a wide range of programs and tools, such as Photoshop, Compass, Grunt, Gulp, Node, and many others. This is a very useful image tool that could prove to be extremely important when developing a web page.

We hope that the information we have provided on CSS sprites will be useful to you on your interview. Good luck on your job meeting from the IT Interview Guide team!

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