What is ECMA Script Standard?

what is ECMA

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What is ECMA?

You?ve definitely heard about JavaScript. Well, ECMAScript is another scripting language, which JavaScript was actually based on. But what is ECMA Script? It is the standard used for programming digital content onto the World Wide Web.

Which is the latest version of ECMAScript?

According to ECMAScript.org, the current version of ECMA Script is ECMA-262, 6th Edition. This is actually the sixth version of the ECMA programming language developed by ECMA International. The ECMAScript 2015 language is one of the most widely used general-purpose scripting languages out there. ECMAScript has the advantage of being applicable for web browsers, but also for servers and embedded applications.

what is ECMA


Are JavaScript and ECMAScript the same thing?

Both JavaScript and ECMAScript are programming languages and they are used for the same purposes. However, they are not the same thing. While the core specifications and features are widely similar, the two scripting languages each have their own particular features that make them applicable for different projects. For instance, JavaScript has some features that are not included in the ECMAScript standard. We suspect that the ECMAScript vs JavaScript battle for Internet domination will carry on for many years to come. But we will get better and better programming languages in the process, which makes it well worth our attention.

Are there any other programming languages that use ECMA standard scripting?

The answer is a hard yes. Popular scripting languages such as ActionScript, which is the programming languages behind Adobe Flash, and JScript, which is Microsoft?s scripting tool, both use ECMAScript at their core. To get a better idea, you need to understand that all of these standard scripting languages are all based on the same general principles. But ECMAScript, JavaScript, JScript, ActionScript have then all been adapted to serve different purposes. As such, each of them includes specialized features that set them apart from their competitors.

what is ECMA

Why is it called ECMA anyway?

ECMA actually stands for European Computer Manufacturer?s Association. And ECMAScript is the standard for scripting languages for the World Wide Web. You should know that ECMA is currently a global association, but the name was never changed for historical reasons. The ECMAScript standard language was created by Bernard Eich at Netscape. Its name was supposed to be JavaScript, but due to trademarking difficulties, this was not possible and the programming language was eventually called ECMAScript.

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