What is System.out.printIn in Java and how does it work?

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During your IT interview, you may be asked about the System.out.printIn statement in Java. Let us tell you the main facts about it so that you can give a complete answer to the interviewers. Take a look!

What does the System.out.printIn statement do?

The System.out.print In statement in Java prints the argument that is passed into the System.out object. The print statement is a call to the printIn method of the System.out object. You should know that this is different from the System.out.print statement. While the print method uses one argument only, the printIn method can take one or no arguments. Please note that the argument may also be a string, which can be created by using the ?+? operator.

The Difference between System.out.print and System.out.printIn

  • out.print(argument) will only print the argument.
  • out.printIn(argument) will print the argument and it will also end the line.

To get a better idea of the main difference between these two Java statements, take a look at the table below:













[new line]

How does the System.out.printIn statement work?

The interviewer may ask you to explain how the System.out.printIn statement works. To make sure you provide a complete answer, you need to break the statement into its main sections and explain exactly what each of these refers to. Take a look!

  1. System ? This section of the System.out.printIn statement refers to the final class in the java.lang package. You should mention that the class has a final modifier and, therefore, it cannot be inherited by other classes. The final class features specific methods and fields, which can provide such facilities as standard input or output.
  2. Out ? This section of the System.out.print In statement refers to a static field in the System class. Please note that System classes are of the PrintStream type. This means that the class features built-in methods to print the various data values. As such, the static fields and methods must be accessed by using the specific class name, which is out.
  3. PrintIn ? This section of the System.out.print In statement refers to the public print method included in the System class, and respectively the PrintStream type.

We hope we have provided you with all the information you need on the System.out.print In statement in Java. Good luck on your job meeting from the IT Interview Guide team!

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