How to Write a Less Than Sign in HTML

less than sign

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During your IT interview, you may be asked a lot of specific technical questions. Writing a less than sign in HTML is actually a very common task that interviewers assign in job meetings. While it is extremely simple to do, it is very important that you are prepared with the complete answer to make a good impression. Let us tell you the main facts that you should mention so that you can ace your interview!

How Is the Less Than Sign Different in HTML?

less than signThe less than sign cannot be written mathematically in HTML because it will not be properly included in the page it is meant for. Moreover, the characters following the sign might actually appear distorted or disappear completely because this sign has a very different meaning in the HTML language.

How to Write the Less Than Sign Correctly

If you want to write the less than sign correctly in HTML, then you will have to use the following code:


This is the HTML translation for ?<? and the only way you can write it properly.

Where Does the ?&lt;? Code Come from?

?&lt;? is the proper representation of the mathematical less than sign in IT language. It is included in the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code, which is the encoding standard utilized in IT. The ?&lt;? is the 60th ASCII decimal in the standard code.

What to mention about the Less Than Sign

  • It?should not be written mathematically.
  • It?should be written in ASCII code.
  • It?should be encoded ?&lt;? to appear as ?<? on the page.

How to Write the Greater Than Sign Correctly

The question about how to write the less than sign in is commonly followed about one about how to write the greater than sign in HTML. If you should be asked this question, you should mention that the greater than sign should also be written in ASCII code, as the les than sign and that it should be encoded like this:


We hope this was helpful! Good luck from the IT Interview Guide team!

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