CSS Class vs ID ? What to Say During Your IT Interview

CSS class vs ID

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The CSS class vs ID comes up quite frequently during IT interviews, so you need to be prepared to answer the questions that might come up. Let us tell you the main things about the difference between a class and an ID in CSS so you can ace your interview.

CSS Class vs ID

In CSS, classes and ID?s are very different. Take a look at our table to get an idea of the main differences:


CSS Classes CSS ID?s
  • The same class can be used on multiple elements.
  • An element may only have one ID.
  • Multiple classes can be used on the same element.
  • There can only be one element with that ID on the page.


The main thing you should remember is that an element may only have one single ID, but it can have multiple classes. Also, an element may have an ID as well as a class because each of them has a specific use.

While a class can be used several times, the ID can only be used once. This is why classes are commonly used for elements that appear multiple times on a page, such as the styling of certain paragraphs, while ID?s are used for elements that only appear once on the page.

Main Facts about CSS Classes

Classes are used to style multiple elements on a page or website. They are extremely useful because all the elements appearing on the page which share the same style can then be styled correctly on the page. In addition, classes can be used to set up.

Main Facts about CSS ID?s

ID?s can be used to give one single element a certain style on the page. Because ID?s are unique, they can only be used for unique elements on the page, such as the page title or the header or footer.

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