Top 25 jQuery Interview Questions ? And How To Answer Them

JavaScript development experience is one of the most popular and in-demand skills today, for building and maintaining websites. Coding Dojo estimates that JavaScript is utilized by over 80% of web developers, and is prevalent in 95% of all websites. This places JavaScript skills high on the list for technical recruiters.

Once you?re proficient with coding in JavaScript, you can enhance your skills and marketability significantly by learning and mastering jQuery. According to Gooroo, the average salary for a jQuery developer is over $85,000 ? certainly a skill worth pursuing whether you?re a freelancer or looking for a long-term engagement as a full-time developer.

What Is jQuery?

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jQuery is a library of JavaScript functions that makes life easier for JavaScript developers. jQuery enables developers to execute common tasks with a single line of jQuery code, that replaces what could be many lines of JavaScript.

jQuery supports all popular browsers, and is utilized by companies with some of the largest presence on the web:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Netflix
  • IBM

jQuery is the most prevalent JavaScript library in use today, and is a free, open source library that is invaluable to developers with its many capabilities and uses

  • Simplifies HTML scripting
  • Create animations
  • Simplify navigation of documents and Document Object Model (DOM) elements
  • Handle events
  • Create powerful pages and web apps
  • Even create plug-ins over the JavaScript library

With its own level of function shorthand to promote simplicity and brevity in coding, jQuery enhances the productivity of JavaScript and web page development. This is what makes jQuery experience a very desirable skill for businesses.

Before you can benefit from your jQuery skill set, you need to get past the hurdle of interviewing successfully for the position. So it?s critical to anticipate the questions a potential employer will ask, and the answers they will be looking for.

jQuery Interview Questions

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As a knowledgeable jQuery developer, you should be ready for and able to answer these questions in an interview:

Name some of the most useful features of jQuery

How is the document.ready() function different from body.onload()?

What are some advantages of using jQuery?

What are jQuery selectors? How do you use them?

What are jQuery selectors? How do you use them?

What is the difference between width() and css(?width?)?

Describe how to create and work with cookies with jQuery

How can you hide an image when a button is clicked in jQuery?

Are there advantages to using the minimized version of jQuery?

Explain the difference between children and find methods in jQuery.

What is a jQuery connect, and when would you use it?

What is the purpose of the jQuery load method?

Describe the purpose/use of the jQuery filter

Is jQuery scripting utilized on the client or server side?

Are there performance variations between jQuery selectors?

What is the application of the ?each? function in jQuery?

Are you locked into using jQuery?s $ character in your code?

Is there an easy or designated way to debug jQuery functions?

Explain the use of .empty(), .detach(), and .remove()

How would you add an HTML element in a DOM tree?

What is jQuery method chaining, and why would you use it?

What is the difference between the .get() method and the jQuery .ajax() method?

Can you add or remove CSS classes with jQuery?

How would you set an attribute in jQuery?

What is the difference between the prop() and attr() methods?

What is the jQuery .data() method used for?

Getting Started in jQuery Development

As a knowledgeable jQuery developer, you should be ready for and able to answer these jQuery interview questions easily.

If you?re just getting started in jQuery coding, there are courses available online that will not only teach you the basics, but even provide certification, which can give you an advantage to prospective employers.


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