Top 10 CSS Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

If you are applying for a job as a web developer, you may need to answer CSS interview questions to get hired.

Now, if you know your stuff, you should be able to ace an interview quite easily. However, as with any job interview, how you respond to questions can be just as important as the technical answer you provide.

How Prepared Do You Need to Be for CSS Interview Questions?

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How prepared you need to be for your technical job interview depends on who is doing the interviewing. It also depends on the level of job you are applying for.

1. Who Is Interviewing You?

2. What Level Job Are You Applying For?

What About Bad CSS Interview Questions?

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In the process of preparing for your interview, you may come across some examples of really bad interview questions about CSS. Some of these were probably thrown together by a writer who did not really know CSS or what is important about it.

1. Be Cautious of Bad Internet Advice

2. How to Deal with Bad Interview Questions

Top 10 CSS Interview Questions

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Now, in no particular order, here are some of the top 10 CSS interview questions that you might be thrown at during an interview.

1. What Is the History of CSS?

We are starting off with one of the ?stupid? questions ? as knowing the answer to this has absolutely no bearing on your ability to handle CSS. You could just shrug this off and say ?Honestly, I don?t know, I?m too busy coding to learn about this.?

You could also explain that it was an outgrowth of HTML in the 90s, where people needed to have some sort of styling for web pages. Keep it simple.

2. What Is CSS? What Does It Stand For?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it is the code that determines how a webpage is delivered visually.

3. How Long Have You Been Using CSS?

This is one of those questions where honesty is the best policy. If you are new at it, say so, but immediately emphasize your depth of knowledge or recent success.

4. Can You Give Some Examples How You Have Used CSS?

You do not necessarily need a portfolio but be prepared to explain some of the projects you have done. If you are new, you should have made some websites even as a hobby, so you can have something to talk about.

5. How Much JavaScript Do You Know?

Once again, be honest and highlight the positive. If you don?t know JavaScript, learn some of it before applying ? it will give you a big boost.

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6. Do You Know How to Make or Adjust Themes in WordPress?

Many hiring managers aren?t concerned about the technical stuff, they just want to know if you can handle WordPress themes. So, learn WordPress if you don?t know it already. It?s free to download.

7. Do You Know How to Make Themes in Drupal?

The same advice applies to Drupal. If you are applying for a job that requires some Drupal knowledge, you better take some time to learn it first.

8. What CSS Frameworks Do You Use?

CSS f​​rameworks are all the rage, but you may not have used any yet. So, if you haven?t used them, explain why (you are too busy custom-coding, for example), but reassure the boss that you can learn these fairly quickly.

9. Can You Do Responsive Design or Mobile Websites?

You will need to know responsive design if you want a CSS job these days. If you don?t know how to adjust the styling based on browser window size, you need to learn, fast.

10. Are You Up on the Latest CSS Trends?

We can?t answer this question for you. But be prepared to answer it if you are applying for one of those ?hip? places that tries to be tech-trendy. Look it up and be prepared to answer at the interview.

Knowing CSS Interview Questions Is Half the Battle

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Make sure you are well-prepared for your interview by keeping your CSS knowledge current and up-to-date. During the actual interview, you are not likely to be quizzed in-depth on technical gotcha questions ? however, those may be presented to you in a written exam or online test. The more you know, the better you will do.

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